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Our meats and poultry are hand-rubbed with different dry rubs for each variety and smoked up to 14 hours with Hickory and Almond wood to provide that “low n’ slow” flavor and tenderness.  Sometimes we run out, but we would rather be unable to offer you a specific product than to offer you something that is of lesser quality.  Our sauces and rubs are made here with top quality ingredients including spices from all over the world.

Food Menu

  • Appetizers

  • Smokin' Hot Wings

    • 9.99

    Served with celery, carrots and ranch dressing.

  • Fried Okra

    • 6.99
  • Fried Pickle Chips

    • 6.99
  • Poutine

    • 8.99

    Pulled pork or chicken on French Fries with gravy and cheese.

  • Burnt Ends

    • 10.99
  • Salads

    Some healthy and delicious salads, of course covered with BBQ

  • Smoked Turkey & Spinach Salad

    • 11.99

    Spinach, candied pecans, fresh pear, cranberries and red onion. Served with ranch or balsamic dressing

  • The Beach Pit Salad

    • 11.99

    Mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, black beans, jicama and choice of meat.

  • Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad

    • 11.99

    Heart of romaine, black beans, corn, basil, red onion, tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, cheddar and mozzarella cheese and ranch dressing.

  • BBQ Brisket Salad

    • 12.99

    Fresh mixed greens, tomatoes, goat cheese crumbles topped with tender sliced brisket and honey BBQ dressing.



  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    • 11.99

    Crisp romaine tossed in Caesar dressing topped with tender pulled chicken breast. Served with corn bread.


  • Classic Wedge Salad

    • 11.99

    Crisp Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, smoked bacon, blue cheese, avocado and ranch dressing.

  • Sandwiches

    Served with your choice of one side.

    Add to Any Sandwich: Add cole slaw 50¢ Fresh avocado $1.00


  • Classic Pulled Pork

    • 9.99
  • Classic Beef Brisket Sandwich

    • 11.99
  • The "Big Love"

    • 10.99

    Hawaiian bun, pulled pork, sausage.

  • Grilled Cheese Texas Toast

    • 9.99

    Thick Texas toast, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, Cole slaw.

  • Turkey & Sausage

    • 10.99

    Hawaiian bun stuffed with sliced smoked turkey and sausage

  • Smoked Turkey Sandwich

    • 10.99

    Healthy smoked turkey stacked on
    a Hawaiian bun. Ask for it with Avocado, Yum! $1.00 extra.

  • Pulled BBQ Chicken Pile

    • 9.99

    Hand pulled smoked chicken served on Hawaiian bun.

  • BBQ Slider Trio

    • 9.99

    3 sliders with your choice of meats
    served on Hawaiian rolls.

  • South of the Border

    Delicious BBQ with a Cal-Mex Twist!

  • South of the Border Wrap

    • 8.99

    Pulled pork, sweet potato fries, cole slaw, jalapeños wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla.

  • BBQ Street Tacos

    • 8.99

    Two tacos with your choice of BBQ meat, cabbage, guacamole and salsa.

  • Homemade Texas Chili with Corn Bread

    • 7.99

    Delicious and Made Fresh Everyday!

  • Ribs - St. Louis Style

    St. Louis style ribs rubbed with our sweet and spicy seasoning, smoked over select woods low and slow for 4 to 6 hours then glazed with our original BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of two sides and corn bread.

  • Full Rack

    • 24.99
  • Half Rack

    • 16.99
  • BBQ Plate Combos

    Served with choice of two sides and corn bread.

    Meat Choices:

    Pulled Pork

    Beef Brisket



    Turkey Breast

  • One Meat Plate

    • 11.99
  • Two Meat Plate

    • 15.99
  • Three Meat Plate

    • 19.99
  • 1/2 Rack Ribs abd 1/4 Chicken

    • 18.99
  • 1/2 Rack Ribs and Choice of One Meat

    • 19.99
  • 1/2 Rack Ribs and 1/4 Chicken and One Meat

    • 24.99
  • Chicken Plates

    Served with choice of two sides

  • 1/4 Chicken Plate

    • 8.99
  • 1/2 Chicken Plate

    • 12.99
  • Whole Chicken Plate

    • 15.99
  • BBQ Meat Sampler

    Can't decide? How about pulled pork, brisket, ribs, pulled chicken, turkey, sausage, cole slaw, beans and corn bread. It's enough for two!

  • BBQ Sampler

    • 26.95

    Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, pulled chicken, turkey, sausage, cole slaw, beans and corn bread. Enough for two!

  • Side Dishes - 2.49 ea.

    BBQ Baked Beans

    Mac 'N Cheese

    Cole Slaw 

    Potato Salad 

    French Fries 

    Sweet Potato Fries

    Collard Greens 

    Corn Bread: Blueberry or Jalapeño

  • Extra Sides

  • Side of Ribs

    • 8.99

    Side of St. Louis Ribs - Three (3)

  • BBQ Baked Potato

    • 8.99

    Topped with pulled pork and BBQ baked beans

  • Side of Texas Chili

    • 4.99
  • Dessert

  • Homemade Banana Pudding

    • 3.99

    Topped with whipped cream and vanilla waffers